SPUTNIK MOMENT - 30 extra years

We are living longer lives. At age 50 we still have around 30 healthy years ahead of us. How will we deal with the extra time? Will we sleep longer, travel around the world or grow roses? And what will we do after it has all been done? The New York geriatrician Linda Fried calls it a „Sputnik Moment“ - it is the greatest opportunity we’ve been given in the history of humankind. It’s certainly not a catastrophe.

© carpe diem Film & TV Produktion, 2015

Many people want to stay active for as long as possible, be it through work, becoming socially active or volunteering. Scientists have known for long that the end of work and the beginning of retirement - even if it is often dreamed of - also signal the end of daily structure, esteem and social connections. For many individuals, a „black hole“ opens up. On the other hand, many companies report a shortage of skilled labor and a need for older people’s expert knowledge. Communities need socially active citizens. This means: never before have we had a greater opportunity to rethink the situation; stereotypes of age need to be questioned; we need a new narrative for the process of aging.


The film is also available on DVD in English language. If you are interested in ordering please contact carpe diem Film & TV Produktion GmbH, Saarbruecken.